Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hello again. I am waiting for my banana bread to finish baking and since I am stuck on this level of the house and am definitely not in the mood to vacuum, I thought I would do up another post. I recently stole (borrowed) Zoo's two sets of border die's from SpellBinders (Curved Borders One and Two - each with 6 dies) and fell in love with them. Oodles of fun playing with these dies and I can see making waaaaay too many cards with them.

I have done two sets of cards so far. Each time I sat down to play with them I chose a couple of colours of 8 1/2"x11"paper, cut them half then started cutting different borders from each end of the paper. In this way I ended up with an abundant amount of die cut pieces to mount on to a card. I mounted all the pieces onto the card bases and then decorated them at this point. Probably a backward way of doing things but that was how my brain was working at the time.

When it was time to decorate them I found it hard to cover them up, so only used bows (made with the aid of this awesome video, Dollarama bling, small die cut shapes and a couple of butterflies from a page Zoo gave me that she coloured and didn't know what to do with (She colours beautiful things and then they sit in her craft room where no one can see them. Such a crime. Thanks, Zoo, for letting me show these off !). Upon previewing the post I discovered that the two cards I made with the butterflies are not in the picture file. I gave them away before I took pictures. Typical me. I know Zoo has one so she may add a picture when she gets a chance.

Anyway... enough of me babbling. Here are the cards I have made so far.

The possibilities with these die sets are endless. I look forward to playing with them again in the future. I know Zoo will want them back when she sees the pretty cards but they have such a long distance to travel back out west that they may have to rest up at my house for a few more weeks : )

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hello. Long time no see. I have been making cards like crazy these past few weeks. I have lifted Zoo's ban on making cards while she is indisposed. Life has done a serious number on her and her family and during this tragic time I am trying to be creative while being distracted at the same time. So cards have been pouring out.

In keeping with my theme of using up old stuff and things I haven't used, I dug out some things I had made with stickers and embossing powder. Zoo had sent a YouTube video about it and one day last year I decided to give it a go. I must say it was fun but I had only used one of them for my great niece's birthday card (no picture, sorry). So I decided to do up some cards with the rest of the embossed stickers.

Embossing powder and mailing labels video:

The premise of the video is to place stickers and things onto the sticky side of a mailing label and then pour embossing powder over the remainder of the sticky space, heat it and then use the decorated label in a card. I used kids letter stickers, cork letter stickers, flower stickers, self adhesive bling designs, old corner stickers and on some I only used the embossing powder on the whole sticky label. The labels I used were from a roll of large mailing labels that I cut in half. Each cut one is about 3" x  2 1/2".

These are some of the finished labels...

The finished cards turned out sweet. I will list the names of the embossing powders used but most of the stickers I have had in my box for ever, so I don't know where I bought them or what brands they are. A lot of the letter ones came from Dollarama. I also used some washi tapes, that was on my list of things to try out.

Stampin Up - Iridescent Ice Powder

Masterpiece Stamping (all of these brands I purchased over 20 years ago) - White       {The embossed background is a botched piece that Zoo and I were experimenting with. We were trying to use embossing powders with embossing folders and it was not working. As I never throw anything out... years later I found a pretty way of using up the mistake, yay!}

Stampin Up - Pewter

Personal Stamp Exchange -Topiary Tapestry     (the little corner stickers used in this piece came from a Dollarama kiddie scrapbook. The stickers would have had to have been glued on, as they were not very sticky but placing them on a sticker worked like a charm. I like the mosaic tile look when done)

Stampin Up - Pewter    (Just a note to say the self adhesive bling stars and things started to melt when I heat embossed the powder. I managed to flatten them out for the most part but thought I should warn you)

Masterpiece Stamping - black

Personal  Stamp Exchange - Claret Tapestry and Bridal, Stampin up - Iridescent Ice

Stampin up - Iridescent Ice, Masterpiece Stamping - Black, Stampin Up - Pewter

Stampin up - Iridescent Ice, Stampin Up - Pewter, Masterpiece Stamping - Gold

Personal Stamp Exchange's - Claret Tapestry, Topiary Tapestry and Cobalt Tapestry

Stampin Up - Pewter, Masterpiece Stamping - Gold, Personal Stamp Exchange - Copper

Personal Stamp Exchange's - Topiary Tapestry and Cobalt Tapestry, and Copper

Well I hope you have enjoyed this post. I will try and get a few more done. It is a nice way to wrap up the end of a card making session and will archive some of the different things I have been working on. I will work on my computer avoidance tendency in order to accomplish this feat : )

Friday, February 10, 2017

Transferring images using packing tape and stencils.

Happy Snow day!

We had a lovely day off work to get outside and shovel out three driveways and then hibernate indoors with our hobbies. Myself, I ventured into my craft room and experimented with packing tape, stencils and magazine pages. Zoo's fault, yet again, due to her sending me another link to put in the 'do' or 'not do' pile. Originally I didn't think I wanted to try this, as the result is shiny and I wondered if I could do anything else on top of the packing tape layer. This morning, however, it tickled my fancy and I gave it a try.

In the video, the lovely lady uses magazine pages, stencils and packing tape, all of which I have on hand, so away I went.

 This stencil is one of my oldest and is from Simply Stencils By Plaid, 28530 Hearts, Checks and Gingerbread

The following three are from a cheap kids set I found somewhere years ago.

 These two are from Stampin'Up, Dots and Stripes decorative masks. The stripes was hard to get the tape off of.

This stencil didn't work the best. In the video, she warns that we need to rub hard or use a brayer to get the tape to stick through the stencil in finer design areas. I used a brayer over thick foam but this one didn't work. Later I used my embossing stylus to rub in the smaller dots and details of the other stencils, but I guess I forgot this one. Good life lesson.

My neighbour, who sews, gave this one to me. It says 28760Bulk on it and may have come from a fabric store.

 I decided before I started that I would place the finished tapes onto pages I had already painted or sumi smooshed. This way I felt I was adding another layer to pages to make cards, or into altered art books for further development.

This last page with the green, I cut up and made cards out of. The gloss from the tape adds a nice dimension to the cards and I also used up some of the stamped paper Zoo had sent me months ago. Some of the stamped images are just photo copies she had sent, but I used them to finish the cards and I like how they turned out. The pictures don't do them justice.

So that has been my fun day with packing tape transfers. I hope the weather adds more fun so I can escape to my craft room more often.  Cheers everyone.   Red Bear : )